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Stiletto (2001- 2007)

A really poor voice a farting guitar a compulsive double bass and raw drums providing everything you need to shake your ass and jump around endlessly.
Sure Stiletto are the most weird controversial and genial rock’n’roll band in Italy, not the usual stright r’n’r band ( read: the usual poor copy of the so long listened traditional r’n’r legends) if you are looking for something really different Stiletto are the right spot, yes you could find the listening a little harder if you are exposed to them for the first time but the more you listen the more you get domed by their true visceral and really unespected songwriting…totally out of boundaries and control,absolutely no limits to imagination and weirdness there’s only one rule: no rule at all.
Founded in 2001 by guitarist, songwriter, trumpet player and singer Doc. Luke Sharp they started playing in 2001 under the name of “Switchblades” after a couple of years they changed name in Stiletto and After they shocked and sickened audiences across Italy in 2006 they published the album ” the wrong music for the right people” the epitome of five years of desperate rock’n’roll.This Album is full packed with the real thing.. straight up R’n’R ,avantgarde , garage and punkabilly or how ever you wanna call this kind of music..Luke Sharp digs superfunny lyrics and strange sounds every now and then.
Raw licks, furious rhythms, tribal moans,wild sexy lyrics. This is what you need and four guys from the land of spaghetti pizza and mandolino are gonna give it to you.