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Cacophonator (english)


The Cacophonator is a musique concrete generator, conceived, designed and built starting from a sewing machine with attached chassis and the addition of recycled materials, springs, hardware tools, toys etc….
The instrument is a very effective workbench with truly excellent tonal, rhythmic and melodic flexibility.

All this takes place through a management of the limits imposed by the structure. There is of course an aspect relating to the concreteness of sound, of the narrativity that arises from the assembly of noises and refractions.
From a performative point of view, the musician-instrument combination finds a truly intriguing declination through the Cacophonator in which the imaginative,

compositional and conceptual processes are traversed with unexpected freshness, especially in the relationship with the acoustic space.

“I need limitations” – I need limitations to force my imagination to reinvent and rearrange the sonic situation. I want to look at the sound space from a different point of view and this happens every time my imagination starts its work without being guided and influenced by too much instrumentation. We are truly driven by all this technology and our imagination slowly falls asleep. My little orchestra is composed by some pieces of hardware, rubbers, springs, wheels and some “noise maker” created by me, I also have a simple and basic electronic device that is able to produce only random tones; I force myself to rearrange, give meaning and a place to every noise and sound that I produce, even casually, to create music.”

The work is guided by the interaction of sound and space, physical extensions and objects of various kinds found in everyday life are used, in all respects it’s a sound installation, an interactive music system. Think of concrete augmented reality, concrete art in real time, sound projection, construction of instruments, research of the interaction between sound, matter and space, works and physical

manipulation of tape recordings.

A multitude of intermediate works are created between sound, gestures, nature and technology and conceptual compositions derive from all this work. . In this process the cacophonator stratifies the sound of materials ; through the use of analog effects and looping everything is developed as a creation of space and interaction, in a word: spatialisation.

In the compositions, different ways are sought to create interactive spaces all the tracks are the result of improvisations in real time, instantaneous compositions.
Philosophical ideas are integrated into the musical composition and aesthetic design of the system.

Aesthetic that is based on the spontaneity of the performance and the setting of spaces of the aesthetic action.
The research revolves around questions of philosophy, aesthetics, physics; follows the issues of the creation of identity and the meaning of interactions between humans, objects and technology.

Investigates the ethical and philosophical implications in musical practice.
the Cacophonator can therefore be considered a conceptual art installation: in an era where everything seems to be already established by very high-tech objects, where everything is predictable and the result is practically certain, the cacophonator uses poor materials and literally forces the user to an imaginative effort to be able to adapt to the tool and create something unexpected which in some cases can surprise us.

“Cacophonorgy” furry heart records 2005-LP
“Vostra signora del rumore rosa”-nove composizioni per cacophonator- fhr004-2018-LP
“Cinematic cut scenes and episodes in music” -fhr006d-2019 digital online “Chirurgia sperimentale” Furry Heart Records L.P. FHR006 2022