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Bio (english)

Luca Collivasone (AKA: Doc. Luden Looksharp, Aston Baxmaq, L #, L.L.Looksharp)
began his artistic career as a musician at the turn of the ’80s as founder and guitarist of the band Aus Decline active from 1979 to 1984; with Aus Decline  was published: a song in the compilation “First Relation” (1981) for the label Mask Production, a Compact Disc “Retrospettiva” (2004) self-produced by the band, a Long Playing “Fluxion” (2014) published by Synthetic Shadow label.
During the period between 1985 and 1998 Luca Collivasone devoted himself to the study of classical guitar and  the study of various programs for the production of music with computers,  composed soundtracks for  documentaries tv shows  and advertising.
In 2003 he dedicated himself to the composition of songs with influences derived from sonorities of the 50s and founded the band Stiletto.
With Stiletto, typically rockabilly style (double bass guitar drums, vocals), he began an intense live activity and in 2004 and  published a Compact Disc entitled “The Wrong Music For The Right People” (goodfellas).
In 2005 he decided to incorporate wind instruments mainly used in classical and band music in a new musical project, thus establishing the Masked Marvels.
With the Masked Marvels he toured  Italy and also  Switzerland, Germany, France, with a show in which a trumpet a trombone a guitar and a drums twist the RagTime and the blues of the 20s to present it in a completely updated and personal way: the very heavy and aggressive rhythmic base recalls the urgency of the most visceral punk, the voice at the limit of a guttural and caricatural sound evokes dark images and horror films while the brass  give the whole sound a retro and decadent flavor. The compositions are all original and it’s in  this occasion that Luca Collivasone signs himself with the pseudonym of Doc. Looksharp.
In 2006 the label Billie’s Bones published the first work of Masked Marvels in a compact disc titled “Old Farts And Young Tarts” which received many acclaim from audiences and critics.
At the same time during the activity with the Masked Marvels Doc Looksharp began an intense activity of composition of both instrumental and sung tunes;
used for his works a great variety of both classical and electronic instruments and finally applied  much of the study done in the field of home recording; in fact, in this period , 2008,  comes the release on behalf of Doc. Looksharp of a self-produced compact Disc entitled “a Song Needs More than One Killing”.
With this release  the Cacophonator appears in a song for the first time  .
the Cacophonator derives from a Singer sewing machine from the 1940s, complete with its cabinet,  Luca Collivasone during a visit to a junk dealer in his town was  fascinated by the mechanism of pulleys and wheels that put the machine into action, so he decided to purchase  it for a few euros ,  decided  to modify it in order to produce sounds and noises.
The cacophonator stayed in the garage  for some time and was brought live, although still incomplete and in an embryonic state when compared to its final version, with Masked Marvels to “enrich” the drummer’s arsenal of sounds.
in 2013 the Masked Marvels project ended.
With the dissolution of the Masked Marvels the collaboration with the other members of the band was not interrupted, without continuity ‘the tests and the search for a new physiognomy and musical aesthetics continued, this research found its result in the establishment of a new band: Iarballe, the band was composed of drums, bass and Luca Collivasone playing a prepared guitar and a small synthesizer.
with the dissolution of the Masked Marvels Luca Collivasone decided, in addition, to devote himself completely to the development and construction of the Cacophonator;  enriched the machine with new sounds and noises, inspired by many instruments of “tribal” origin and exploited everything that can be found at junkards and landfills to invent and build mechanisms that produced different noises; towards the end of 2013 the Cacophonator was completed and defined: generator of concrete music.
Luca Collivasone composed for this instrument several songs, played and recorded all without the aid of other instruments,  6 tracks were published in the name of Doc. Luden Looksharp on vinyl by label Furry Heart Records, the title of the album is “Cacophonorgy” (2015).
Just before entering the recording studio to formalize the work with the Iarballe project, the bass player abandoned the band, following this defection Luca Collivasone and the drummer Daniele La Barbera founded a new group called LVXPSS (lovexpress), with this project they  composed new songs and with the addition of a new element to the group, Lorenzo Chiesa at the synth, the band entered the recording studio and in a single session lasting only one day made the album “Stars” published by Furry Heart Records , defined by the director of the Italian magazine Blow Up, Stefano Isidoro Bianchi, best Italian album of 2017.